// me in 10 seconds

Hello. I'm Alec. I'm a Swiss IT student living in Switzerland with a passion for technology and Internet companies. I currently work at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg.

// about me

I love to surf on the Web and learn something new. I like also to play videogames. Another important point in my life is to study the functioning of democracy and improve it.

// my favourite quote

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.

-- Albert Einstein

// my preferences

    "ide": "IntelliJ",
    "os": ["OS X", "Arch Linux"],
    "text_editor": "vim",
    "versionning": "git",
    "what_i_am_currently_learning": "Meteor",
    "phone": "Nexus 6P",
    "favorite_language": "Ruby on Rails"

Don't do that.