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Aspiring church musician and songwriter.

learnt how to play the piano when i was 29. Self taught, have never taken piano lessons. In the last few months I found some great resources on the Web, and my piano playing skills have remarkably improved ever since.

have written a number of songs, the first one being performed in 2005, the second one was sung last year and my third song was performed by my church's ladies choir on Feb 22nd, 2015. This was my first time to play the piano, as a relative beginner, in public (the audience consisted of 200 people or so). Thanks to you, SE musicians, my piano playing and composing skills have proven to get remarkably better. Even an experienced choir trainer, who went to music school, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying our performance... which was the highlight of our church's Chinese New Year celebration. Besides, a long-time member of the gentlemen's ministry approached me and asked me whether i could compose a song for his group as well!

I find music SE extremely helpful as i can learn a lot from musicians and experts; this could be seen from my success story above. I'd like to thank everyone that has helped me and answered my questions; this has had a great impact on my performance.

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