Doug Webber

I am Christian, belonging to the New Church which is based on scripture and the revelations in waking visions to Emanuel Swedenborg. It is different from both Protestant and Catholic views. For a good introduction, see Spiritual Life and the Word of God (FREE) -

All the published works of Emanuel Swedenborg, plus Apocalypse Explained, I have published in a single hyperlinked multi-volume work, "The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem" located here on Amazon: (also available on Barnes & Noble). Individual works of Emanuel Swedenborg are also published separately, as follows:

The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem (without Apocalypse Explained) -

Heavenly Arcana - Arcana Coelestia

Heaven and Hell -

The Final Judgment -

Doctrines of the New Jerusalem -

Angelic Wisdom concerning the Divine -

Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage Love -

True Christian Religion -

Apocalypse Revealed and Explained -

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