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We are here to learn and to teach and to give away positive energy if it is going to be constructive. Don't expect ourselves to grade people by negative points in stead of correcting them. And, if we have no correction, it is our honor to be corrected by those who know more than us. Things that we all need to work on in order to make this environment a more healthy one:

Issue No. 1: E-mails form clients and users should be answered in a timely manner without leaving a sense of carelessness in the site.

Issue No. 2: If any one of users of this website is a newbie in a field, he/she should feel the support from the rest of our community. It is true that we all need to learn what and how to ask a question but these requirements should not undermine users' main concern which is to get an answer in a fair manner without his/her account being banned encouraging him/her to leave our community.

Issue No. 3: If one's answer to a question is better than the answer provided by another person who has more reputation, then wisdom requires us to not get jealous by ignoring a "low-rank" user via putting down "negative" feedback. This will give him/her negative energy destroying his/her motivation to learn what he/she meant to learn.

Issue No. 4: Any and all users should have the option of leaving the site and deleting their account if they want to do so. However, it is all users' responsibility that we make everyone to be attracted rather than to be repelled.

With all this, we should continue to support individuals to the best of our knowledge until someday hopefully everyone would be heard and helped.

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