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Forhad Reza

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Followings are my current skills on computer programming:

  • Kernel (Windows & Linux) research (which is the heart of any operating system).
  • Compiler design and implement.
  • Expert in C, C++ and Visual Basic.
  • I've the knowledge and basic experience on some other languages such as C#, D, Java etc.
  • I believe I'm also good in F# language.
  • Database programming.
  • The world toughest programming language called Assembly, I can use it very easily.
  • Working with Mozilla’s Rust & Google’s GO programming language for software development.
  • Code optimization for performance.
  • Multi-threaded programming in C/C++ and Java.
  • Know various advanced computer algorithm and have used them to develop graphics and simulation programs. Also working with Linear Algebra and keen to learn Quadratic Algebra in future.
  • Graphics and Game programming (Both 2D and 3D).

Currently, I'm doing researches on compiler and programming language development. I've made various kind of software and now I want to share my experience with people.