I will answer any homework problem that I'm able and as time allows. Just title me (Inquisitive) when you present your problem so I notice it. I see no logic in allowing people to flounder for hours on homework problems that just aren't clicking for them. There is no sense to this because time is of the essence in learning since there is much to learn.

I am not a "Sheldon". What is a "Sheldon"? A "Sheldon" is a person who has one or more serious personality aberrations that cause him/her to behave like Sheldon on "Big Bang Theory". "Big Bang Theory" deliberately ridicules people like Sheldon because these people do exist and are arrogant, domineering, autocratic, brattish, and frequently wrong even though they can't admit it to themselves. They are intolerant and frequently refuse to consider other perspectives. They often resort to insults. You wouldn't want a "Sheldon" to have any real power over your life.

I reserve the right to berate anyone behaving in a Sheldon-like fashion. Sheldons may be good at physics and math, etc., but that's all they're good at and they are frequently disliked by larger segments of the world population.

I have good social skills and I will not berate anyone that has an "entry level" question. The most important, fundamental questions occur at the entry level.

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