Bristol, United Kingdom


I have a PhD in Computer Vision (focusing on 3D reconstruction) with research and development experience in both Academia and industry.

Currently working with contemporary technologies, including Node.js, Elastic Search and Neo4j to develop micro-service architectures for concept demonstration suites. I also leverage my machine learning and computer vision expertise to extend capabilities with cutting-edge, research led solutions, based around Tensorflow and/or Keras.

I have considerable experience with OpenCV with C++, and have racked up a lot of flight time with Matlab (and the Mex interface) during my PhD. As well as OpenCV, I've worked with the Point Cloud Library and OpenNI for various components of the image analysis and QT for UI development.

In a past life I was a freelance web developer, primarily working in PHP and MySQL, particularly with Wordpress, but I also have experience with Joomla and have built several custom CMS's in the past.