Byte Commander


Hello, I'm a young German guy interested in computers, science, art, music (heavy metal, rock, classical - in that order) and many other things.
I love Ubuntu and most Linux distributions in general, but I can also do some Windows magic if needed. Additionally I have pretty good programming skills in Python, Java, C# and Bash; basic skills in JavaScript, HTML+CSS, C, C++, Scheme, Basic, etc...

You can easily contact me in the Ask Ubuntu General Room or the Teenage Programmers Chatroom, as I at least have a quick peek in there most days. I also play chess, so feel free to send me a challenge.

PS: My profile picture is derived from "Wolf Tribals" by user HaskDitex (, which is under creative Commons 3.0 License.
Currently I'm using the character "Dregg Morriss" from the game "Medieval Cop" by Vasant Jahav ("Gemini Gamer"). It can be found here.

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