I am interested in classical music,world music,scientific thought (Quantum Physics,Cosmology,Particle Physics,Psychiatry,Psychology,Psychedelic research,UFO's research,Medicine),world's literature and others. Now,after many years of glancing through some research in,among others,Psychiatry (Jung),Psychedelic (Strassman,Grof),Near Death Experiences (Fenwick,Grof,Moody),UFOs abduction reports (Mack),UFOs reports (Hynek,Ruppelt),Quantum Physics (Heisenberg,Stapp,Bell,Schrödinger,Aspect,Penrose) ,I have come to the (temporary) conclusion that (and against my better judgement)there seems to be life after death,what I mean by this is that I would put whatever money I had on this! (the most probable event after death seems to be reencarnation) Now,I see no gods involved in this process (and if there was any,I am not concerned about it),it looks like a natural process to me,and it seems that we are,as in Hinduism,in a perpetual cycle of encarnations,death and rebirth. Of course,I do not understand the process neither I like it,but that is the way it looks to me so far......

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