Expert in Javascript/Typescript based web development with Frameworks like Angular5, NodeJS, MongoDB etc...

My professional career spans 15+ years working on varied technologies at companies like ADP, State Farm Insurance, CarMax etc.. or new and upcoming startups.

Started my career in Full Stack Development on Microsoft Technologies right from the earliest version of .Net Form based development to the more recent MVC patterns.

Later grew interest in Javascript based development gaining Front End development expertise using frameworks like Angular, ExtJS, Knockout and jQuery.

Developed a lot of cutting edge web and mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. This was usually accompanied with significant backend work in NodeJS and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Staying involved in the AI revolution through cutting edge projects and organizing and giving talks at local meetups.

At this time, I find Reinforcement Learning to be most exciting.

Technologies aside, coming up with complex algorithms or solving difficult problems excite me. One of my side projects "IBModeler"​ was featured in a prominent gaming magazine "3D World"​. I had spent years creating a software to create 3d models from photos which they decided to showcase. Here is the latest version on GitHub: https://github.com/dreamerkumar/ibmodeler3

If you have an exciting project with which you need help, feel free to reach out anytime!

Github: https://www.github.com/dreamerkumar