Elf Sternberg

Seattle, WA


I'm the guy you hire to get your web-based business off the ground. You need someone who can do everything from code your CSS to administer your cloud-based deployment scheme, who can recommend, design, and deploy an automated build-and-test solution, bug-tracking and agile/XP management plan. I can also implement the necessary peripherals of any web-based scheme, such as social networking integration, contact management, remote purchasing, authentication, administration panels, analytics, and encryption. I can do this in python, perl, ruby, or node, with Django, Catalyst, Rails, Express, or Zappa. If you need a build-out strategy, I know enough AWS to be useful. I'm the one-man band that keeps a start-up's game of musical chairs going long enough, and strong enough, for you to get the funding you need to afford more chairs.

I like solutions that are cheap and open. If you want to buy into GitHub or Pivotal, I'm happy with that, but for small teams an SSH server and Trac serve you well enough. I like AWS, Ubuntu, Trac, Git, Python, Django, Zappa, Hudson, Zombie, Fabric, Coffee, Haml, and Stylus (to go from one end of the stack to the other), but I'm happy with most alternatives.

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