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Lawrence Dol

Seattle, WA

I have been writing code since I was 12 - I started with BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20. First computer I owned was a Sinclair ZX-81 on which I progressed to programming Z80 assembler by the time I was 13. I consider programming to be a lifetime learning experience.

In my early professional years there was Pascal and COBOL and in the 90's a fair amount of iSeries CLP and RPG.

My current professional experience includes extensive programming in C, Java and JavaScript. The former two languages were primarily in the networking and communications arena, while more recently doing JavaScript (with HTML5 and CSS) for web and mobile applications as well as creating services and the Java backend support (full stack).

My programming hobby activities are mostly in Java and JavaScript, but I enjoy dabbling with a variety of procedural, OOP and functional languages and the many hybrids thereof.

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