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Jakarta, Indonesia

It's Me

Seek For The Truth, Nothing But The Truth, Set Consciousness Beyond All Universes, Continuing Closer To The Essence, Until I Couldn't Say Anything ... And Hopefully My Heart May Always Be Grateful ...

Current Role

Truth Voyager

Areas Of Expertise

Personality Profiling, Teamwork Placement, Trading - Technical Analysis

I'm passionate about

Philosophy, Science, Widening Awareness to Aware Duality to Non Duality to God

An idea worth spreading

  • I am free not because I have choices, but I am free because I rely on God with quality assured!
  • Our fallacies centered on different level of arrogance
  • If it is not easy to accept something, then you should also not easy to reject something, or if so easy to accept something, then be open minded and see the possible benefits of something that is considered new

Talk to me about

How to achieve better tolerance, correction and compensation within ourselves and others

People don't know that I'm good at

Determine how strong for our names affect our ego & sensitivity


  • Are omniscience and omnipotence mutually inconsistent?
  • Are omniscience and omnipotence mutually inconsistent?
  • Expressing identity in Mathematics
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