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The Edge of Nowhere

Hello there, I'm Harry.

I'm interested in software development of the coding kind (particularly for Unix/Linux systems), and I (try to) write code/scripts in C++, Swift2, Bash and occasionally Java in my spare time.

Presently, I'm trying to find time to learn the languages I know in greater detail.

I'm active on Ask Different, Unix & Linux, Lifehacks and occasionally Stack Overflow where I try to render my insight on their relevant topics.

I'm also a strong believer of open source (oh the source code access is just wonderful), and I love tinkering around with code, my computer (so far it's been through twelve full disk wipes and so many OS resets I've lost count) and photography.

Social recluse much I am.

If you need to contact me for various reasons, feel free to approach me in chat.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a nice day.

I don't maintain much online presence, so SE is probably the best place to find me.

Here's my FlairTM: