Randy Minder



If you are into birding, as millions around the world are, there is no finer birding application in the world than WebBirder

Or, if you are interested in wildlife and nature trips and tours, visit the most comprehensive site on the internet related to this WAND.

Both of these sites created using MVC 5 (C#), Azure, Azure SQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Charts, Google Maps.

Senior Software Engineer - 25+ years

.NET / C# / WPF / WCF / SQL Server 2005-2012 / LINQ / / MVC 5 / JavaScript / jQuery / Bootstrap / Google Maps / Google Charts / Google Analytics

Our careers and hobbies are fun and important. But each of us has a soul which will live forever, after our bodies die. Do you know where you'll spend eternity? Jesus Christ said there is only one way to heaven, and it is through Him.

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