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I'm sorry, Economics Stack Exchange is a "copy & paste" site. And its voting system precludes a variety of fresh economic thought and related interdisciplinary thought to counterbalance limited convention or shallow short-sightedness. ECON.SE is a hostile pseudo-intellectual platform comprised of members inducted by an "old guard" that is quick to self-righteously & adolescently misunderstand & penalize without challenge, recourse, or review after clarification.

In exchange for popularity points, many approved posts appeal to the authority of the printed word of publications such as propagandized statistics charts or politically-correct but highly dubious literature. And many of its well-received posts are effectively just obfuscating wordage that, all-in-all, simply say "inconclusive." What's worse, some questioners punish answerers who do not conform to the questioners' own prefabricated answers.

If you truly want to thoroughly explore an economic topic for economic answers, you'll be going next to nowhere with the birds-of-a-feather "old guard" cronies that have monopolized control of politically-correct thought in the field of economics at the Economics Stack Exchange site via an absentee-managed voting system.

You'll have to study on your own and go elsewhere to find economic enlightenment - NOT on Economics Stack Exchange.

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