Kingston, Jamaica


The big picture:

I'm a software and electrical engineer who has been/is a music business entrepreneur, population geneticist and techno and house music producer.

I'm looking for new challenges & projects. Ideally I'd like to be involved with an early stage startup as a cofounder or early team member.

I'm interested in music/media/entertainment/film/television/video, fintech, logistics, IoT, serverless and microservices, renewable energy and conservation, gaming, augmented and virtual reality, human/technology interaction, blockchain and/or just cool stuff in general.

I like to innovate, create solutions and solve problems at the intersection where technology meets people. I believe in understanding both the details and the big picture. Learning and building are exciting to me. I know what I'm not good at and try and work on that too.

The details:

I'm currently the CTO and Cofounder of music distribution and publishing companies Zincbeats LLC and Kgn Six LLC.

I'm a software engineer with expertise in backend and frontend development, data analysis and informatics, DevOps and systems architecture.

I'm an Amazon Web Services AWS Certified Developer, Solutions Architect & SysOps Administrator.

I'm an electrical engineer with strong background in signal processing, applied mathematics and statistics.

I'm a music and media business professional with extensive experience in music distribution, licensing, publishing, royalties, accounting, copyright, technology and marketing. I have a thorough understanding of the contemporary landscapes of the music and media businesses and an in-depth knowledge of digital media technologies. I am skilled in audio/video/media production tools and techniques.

I'm a frequent public speaker on music and media topics.

My Stack: • Python / Django / Django REST Framework / nginx / uWSGI • MariaDB / MySQL / Celery / Redis / RabbitMQ • React.js / JavaScript / Bootstrap / HTML / CSS • Amazon Web Services AWS / Digital Ocean • Java / Tomcat • PHP / Perl / C • MATLAB • Git / GitHub / GitLab • JetBrains IDEs • Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / Acrobat / Premiere Pro / After Effects • Microsoft Office • OS X / Linux / Windows • Wordpress • Scrum / Kanban / Lean Startup / Agile Methodologies

More @ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopheredmonds/