La Quinta, CA, USA

My name is Sean Piercy and I'm a Technical/Creative Guru from Salem, OR. I started using computers back in the late '80s when my grandfather taught me how to use DOS on an old tower PC. A few years later my parents got us a family PC for Christmas (Packard Bell 386mhz) with all the bells and whistles (CD-Rom, Color CRT Monitor, Windows 3.1, MS Works, etc.). Needless to say, I used it daily and quickly became an expert with Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and Web Browsing.

Several years later, I began taking classes in school that relied heavily on using PCs, including computer programming and filmmaking. I learned how to develop software, edit video, and create 3D motion graphics. I also filmed dozens of projects and special events using S-VHS and Digital-8 cameras, helped shoot the morning announcements on a daily basis, and DJ'ed most of our school dances.

After high school, I found a few filmmaking and DJ'ing gigs around town, but because there weren't any full-time cinematography jobs in the area, I eventually turned to troubleshooting and selling computers for a local computer store. Since then I have worked for and helped companies, friends, and family all across the country, in a variety of unique roles including: Director of Technology, Webmaster, Computer Installer, Help Desk Technician, IBM Service Technician, Freelance IT Consultant, and Business Owner.

After working in various IT roles for about ten years, I decided I wanted to learn how to design and develop websites. So, about five years ago I began studying HTML and CSS, and various Adobe programs (Flash, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver), as well as Blender. I have designed and developed several websites since then, but lost most of them when an old HDD crashed. I actually just finished a new E-commerce site that's live at if you want to see my most recent web development work. My portfolio is also online at

In my free time I enjoy: Hiking, Camping, Cooking, Swimming, Snowboarding, Reading, Writing, Traveling, Programming/Developing, Designing, 3D Modeling, and Building Computers. I'm also currently learning about sailing and hope to eventually circumnavigate the globe with my son.

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