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Winchendon, MA, US

I am retired. I program now simply because I like to. My programming environment is me in my easy chair, in front of the TV, with a laptop on ... well ... the top of my lap. Sometimes, the dog sleeps on the footrest, and the cat will crawl up on my left arm and shoulder. That makes it hard to keyboard, but I can do one-handed typing with my right hand.

A few years ago, I did a search for a modern language for me to learn. I selected Python because of its light syntax. I have always indented my code for readability, and the bracket languages looked Baroque by comparison. I still look around every once in a while. My ideal language, I think, would be Python which generates native code (which I believe can't be done with a dynamic language like Python).

I use Eclipse with PyDev, and other plug-ins.

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