Professional PHP developer with a tendency to defend that language where others just throw their hands up - although there certainly are things it would be good to throw away and start again! Similarly, I'm a big fan of PostgreSQL, but not of routinely bashing MySQL except in the specific cases where it deserves it.

I tend to downvote answers that give a literal code solution to the problem posed with no accompanying explanation, as they miss the opportunity to teach people how to solve the problem themselves next time.

If I'm arguing with you after 23:00 UTC, please tell me to go to bed!

I spend a lot of time explaining the PHP SimpleXML API, and defending against misconceptions and misunderstandings; here are a top 3:

  • Never print_r() or var_dump() SimpleXML data, or you will be more confused than when you started. I have written some debug functions to use instead.
  • There is nothing wrong with CDATA sections in SimpleXML. Just always cast to string.
  • Namespaces (AKA "tags with colons in them") are really easy - just use the ->children() method.
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