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I'm a new software developer, currently working on portfolio projects and trying to master the craft, while I look for work. I'm also trying to figure out how to ask more questions here on S.O. so that I can finally get enough reputation to begin commenting on other people's questions.

You can view my dev portfolio at and all my source code on my linked github profile.

What I'm excited about right now:

I am most proficient in Javascript/Typescript based development using frameworks like React on the frontend and Express on the backend. However I have recently fallen in love with Laravel, especially for backend development. Even though I don't especially like PHP, Laravel is such a great framework (I think the excellent documentation is at least half of the reason I like it so much!) that I'm leaning towards developing all of my projects with it. I'm always learning, so I'm sure these specific proficiencies and preferences will be out of date soon.

I'm also working through a self-taught CS degree, currently reading "Design Patters", Bob Martin's books and studying algorithms, Big O, and datastructures.