Mysore, India

i retired as a professor at the central institute of indian languages, Mysore I am a linguist per se. Have some flair for literature and translation. Five English translations of mine of Kannada novels are in print. Have published abroad on linguistic structure, literature and translation. Am a democratic socialist. Am a militant rationalist Am open on the issue of an ulterior force behind the material universe although i strongly believe that there is No cause-effect denting God and a God that needs to be appeased to grant your prayers. That is, there is no god who can interfere in the affairs of the universe or in the lives of individual human beings except as a possible psychic anchor. In other words i am not yet an atheist, militant or otherwise. A god called FEJ(freedom-equity-justice) is the only god that man should go by.

Only FEj constitutes the future of mankind.

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