I'm a geeky male from Denmark.

I'm a collector by heart, and I collect literature, role-playing books comics, video games, film, anime, manga and several other things.

I try my best to be the best person I possibly can at any time.

I spend a lot of my time searching the internet, learning as much as possible, and possible watching some films or playing some adventure games.

I'm also greatly interested in hacking, and I enjoy making lists and hunting down rare books, games, comics and so on.

Oh, and I've been wearing a towel around my neck since 2004.

I quite enjoy organizing stuff. Putting things alphabetically, making systems, making lists and so on and so forth. Given how much I enjoy these activities I can't help becoming quite handy when dealing with such tasks. (I play one hell of a Tetris game).

I also enjoy learning, and I'm highly aware of whether what I learn sounds believable, making me able to list lots of different facts and informations. (I often check snopes.com).

I am very engaged politically, I'm pro-Linux and Open Source, Socialism, Atheism, Transhumanism and Techno-Progressivism. Let's repeat that. Transhumanism and Techno-Progressivism.