Dublin, Ireland


An avid Machead since the late '80s who experienced his first Mac when he drifted from architecture to graphic design and still earns a bit of extra income as a graphic designer.

Several old Macs populate the computer graveyard upstairs, ranging from a (tangerine) clamshell iBook to a 21" White iMac whose graphic board gave up the ghost. Currently active gear consists of a (late '09) 24" iMac, a 13" white MacBook (pre unibody), an Airport Extreme base station controlling a home wireless network, a plethora of external drives, both hardwired and wireless, and a recently acquired iPhone 4.

The MacBook's main job is to satisfy my long-term passion for Classical music. It runs iTunes which wirelessly accesses my digital library of over 1500 albums and connects via an Apogee Duet DAC to the hi-fi system. Downloading high-res music has become a bit of an obsession, serviced quite nicely thank you by a handful of excellent classical download sites.

Where would DublinJimbo be without Apple? Much worse off, that's for sure.

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