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Syracuse, NY


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  • Here on Ask Ubuntu / Stack Exchange: If you have enough rep to talk in chat (20 network-wide), you can ping me in main chat, even if I'm not there. If I've been in the room in the last 3 days, I'll be notified (but I may not see or reply immediately). To do this, include @EliahKagan in your message. You may also invite me to another chat room.

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Launchpad [profile]: degeneracypressure / Eliah Kagan
    (This will probably yield better results than email if I haven't heard from your address before.)

If you message me on any of the following, and I don't reply, please don't assume I received it.

  • Google Talk (XMPP): [email protected]

  • AIM: Code Executioner

  • MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger: [email protected]

  • Yahoo! Messenger: drfrobe

  • Skype: eliah.kagan / Eliah Kagan

  • Xfire: drfrobe / Fro(less)

  • Steam chat: EkWingburn / Dangerfield Newby

I'm Occasionally Asked For My Comments (but not in the way you think ;-) )

Please feel free to use my pro-forma comments, most of which are derived from the defaults or the ones shared here rather than being written from scratch by me (some are even identical):

  • Import/access them in plaintext or jsonp (last updated 2 July 2013).

I do not claim original authorship of them, but if any of them turn out to be wrong or not very good, that is possibly my fault. :-)

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