I am a web developer - subcontracting and currently typically using:

Bootstrap 4 - Sass / CSS - jQuery - JavaScript - HTML5 - Wordpress - PHP - MySQL

We typically and routinely use Git for code management and version control. I am also proficient in setting up and securely maintaining LAMP and LEMP environments - eg Linux VPS solutions (AWS Lightsail & DigitalOcean). Also domain management + implementing HTTPS (SSL/TLS). I am currently learning React and Angular.

Background: MSc Information Systems (Systems Analysis + coding). I shot stock photos for most of 00s - I'm good with Lightroom and Photoshop - incl. color management, metadata etc. I spent over a year learning Swift/Cocoa when that was first launched as a way of getting back into coding. Most of my answers here relate to that period. Some of those answers are a bit out of date now as the language and framework has evolved.