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Christian Vielma

Barcelona, Spain

My name is Christian Vielma. I'm a Software Developer from Venezuela.

I'm a person who like to do the right thing every day. Aristotle one day said "We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.". I truly believe in this.

I have experience with enterprise application development, with good knowledge and experience in SOA and Web development. Certified Java Programmer and good knowledge of Java related technologies, but also flexible and capable of programming in different languages and paradigms. Recently focused more on web development requiring great technical skills in Javascript, Java, Spring and AWS.

I also like to travel and photography. I'm concerned about environmental problems and I try everyday to do something to prevent such problems. It's hard to change the habits that so long have been with us but I realized that is for the best of all. I'm not even close to become a philanthropist but I really take serious the phrase: "Think global and act local" to make little changes in the world.

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