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Part-time wiggling around in the depths of computer programming and big fan of "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde.

I'm mostly looking at matplotlib related questions. Here are some interesting answers I have provided:

  • How do I make the width of the title box span the entire plot?
  • Fast Live Plotting in Matplotlib / PyPlot

  • Paging/scrolling through set of 2D heat maps in matplotlib

  • Managing dynamic plotting in matplotlib Animation module

  • Why does pyplot.contour() require Z to be a 2D array?

  • In matplotlib, how can I plot a multi-colored line, like a rainbow

  • Python equivalent for Matlab's Demcmap (elevation +/- appropriate colormap)

  • What does a 4-element tuple argument for 'bbox_to_anchor' mean in matplotlib?

  • Draw lines with linewidth given in data coordinates

  • How to connect points taking into consideration position and orientation of each of them

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