Conor O'Brien


Language design enthusiast. I enjoy programming in Ruby, J, C, and JavaScript, in addition to my own languages like Stacked and Attache. When I'm up for the challenge (or feel like hurting my mind), I pick up Brainf***.

Code golf is an interesting way to program recreationally. I personally enjoy code golf because it's basically one large test case for a language I make. After all, I believe a language is only as good as it can be short. (Thus Java often falls out of favor with me...)

Similarly, I heavily enjoy obfuscation. It's an expression of the mastery that one has in a language, and an art form in itself.

When I'm not coding, I'm probably playing video games (TF2 is love, TF2 is life), writing, reading, or (gasp) socializing within what semblance of a social life I have.

About me, I'm a Christian teenager, proud to be serving my God. I do what I can to let people know there is a God who loves them, without stepping on people's toes. I'm not shy about my faith, though I try not to flaunt it or greet people with a "HeyhowareyoudoyouknowJesus???/??", e.g.

If, for whatever reason, you have read this far and, for whatever reason, wish to contact me, shoot me an email at (follow the rabbit trail).

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