Alan Munn

East Lansing, USA

Linguist and some-time package/software writer.

  • My one-page dictatorial guide to LaTeX packages
  • A short introduction to LaTeX on the Mac

Package author of:

  • msu-thesis class (for Michigan State University theses and dissertations.)
  • he-she (alternating masculine and feminine pronouns for gender neutral writing.)
  • invoice-class (document class for producing US commercial invoices.)
  • casiofont (LaTeX support for the a Casio calculator font)
  • pst-vowel (diphthong arrows for vowel.sty vowel charts)
  • sreenplay-pkg (pack­age ver­sion of the screen­play doc­u­ment class)
  • msuletterhead (letterhead package for Michigan State University (internal use; email me for details))
  • Some unreleased development code is also available on GitHub.

Software author of: (Mac OS X)

  • csv2latex (Ruby/Applescript combination for pasting spreadsheet cells into LaTeX source); included as part of TeXShop; usable with any Mac text editor.
  • make-local-texmf App or script to create a new user texmf folder.

NOTE: Please don't send me private email about StackExchange questions that I've answered. This is not how the site works. Sometimes asking a question in a comment can be appropriate, but most times it's probably better to ask a new question linking to the previous one.

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