barbara beeton

Providence, RI, USA

Formerly staff specialist, composition systems, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI (retired 8 February 2019)

Formerly maintainer of AMS-LaTeX, AMS-TeX, and AMSFonts bug/request lists, at [email protected] (use that address for reporting bugs in AMS document classes)

TeX Users Group, founding board member; editor, TUGboat

former TeX entomologist (bug collector) for Donald Knuth's Computers & Typesetting, until 31 December 2014

formerly symbol collector for the STIX project, and conduit to Unicode for math symbols. I retain some connections to Unicode committee contacts, and can still offer some assistance.

NOTE: answers to questions prior to 8 February 2019 are posted in lowercase unless i was answering in an official capacity for my employer. The reasons are given in the last item in an interview on the TeX Users Group web site.

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