WetSavannaAnimal aka Rod Vance

Blackburn Australia


My current profile picture is a modern conception of Tyrannosaurus Rex, particularly in the light of the finding of fossils of closely related theropods bearing feathers. See a fuller version here: http://scienceblogs.com.br/colecionadores/2014/04/a-sindrome-de-jurassic-park/

My real name is Rod Vance. Multicellular organism which sometimes organises itself into doing the work of a freelance optical physicist. Interested mainly in Geometry (GTR in physics) and Topology as well as in Epistemology in Science. Also interested in education, particularly of the very young, and in the defense of their future: the Chief Scientist of the land of my birth - one of the few wise people there - has pointed described humanity as losing the battle against global warming.

Some works that may be of interest:


See also some other topics, particularly those directed at curious, small children (which is all of them, until society beats inquisitiveness out of our little stars) at http://www.wetsavannaanimals.net

"Wet Savanna Animal" describes my evolutionary history, which animal history I share with at least some readers and which must restrict which patterns we can recognise in human mathematics as human mathematicians and physicists.

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