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Mario Stefanutti

Rome, Italy


my name is Mario Stefanutti. I was born on February, 12th 1969. I live and work in Rome. Two daughters: F&V.

My contact information is:

I am a Computer Software Engineer with experience in system integration and satellite image elaboration.

These are the companies I've been working.

  • (current occupation - Chief Technology Officer)
  • (Manager - Telco projects for Telecom and other companies)
  • (Some telco projects for Telecom)
  • (project Iridium for the Iridium Consortium)
  • (project Telimago for the European Space Agency)
  • (project PostOffice for the Telco market)
  • (Telecomunicazioni & Informatica) (project Dai for Ericsson)
  • Informat (various projects)

If you also like to play chess for fun, we can meet on the board at (username: stefanutti)

Bye, Mario Stefanutti

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