raghavendra Kamath



Hello my name is Raghavendra Kamath AKA 'raghukamath'. I am a freelance illustrator living in a suburb of Mumbai, India.

I have been producing illustrations in a variety of styles since 5 years. I enjoy creating realistic as well as graphic illustrations in various medium from traditional to digital. I like experimenting with different styles and mediums, this helps me in finding the apt style which goes well with the brief.

My areas of interest are providing illustrations for advertising, editorials, picture books, storyboards, and comic art. I am also a recent convert to open source movement, my workflow involves use of completely opensource tools which provide robust flexibility and great output. In my free time I enjoy reading about new opensource projects and if possible I often passionately try to help them. My recent hobby is to learn some programing languages such as C++, Python and Javascript.