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London, United Kingdom

SO rocks!

I started out programming about 10 years ago now. My first language was C#, shortly after I began meddling with PHP, then I started writing bots for a popular game in Java. A while in to everything I decided my main interest lay with web development and design, and after a few years of the occasional freelance job and personal projects my focus mainly became JavaScript, leading in to AngularJS/TypeScript web app development with GSAP powered animations.

Stack Overflow has been an invaluable resource in my history of learning to code, but like most people, I spent a lot of time profiting from top Google spots and doing little to contribute back.

I've decided now it's time for me to give back to the community, since it is a wonderful one. (I also feel I actually have things to offer now.) So I'm making a concerted effort wherever possible to contribute my own knowledge, and to encourage great answers by asking detailed and specific questions.