Turin, Italy

I have been passionate about computers since I was 8, when I wrote my first program. It has been a long way since then, as today I have covered positions in almost every aspect of the software industry, from writing requirements to integration and testing, mainly focusing on programming in the TelCo and Defense sectors.

I have learned many different programming languages through the years. I mostly work on GNU/Linux, which made me gain some deep knowledge about it. I have even contributed a driver to the kernel. Networks and TCP/IP have always been a nice distraction, too.

Recently I needed a new focus and I found it in Arduino and the hardware side of things. I have developed a lot of projects, many of which are released as free software on my github page.

Currently I am a Senior Consultant for Amaris, a young but quickly growing international Technologies and Management Consulting Group with more than 70 locations around the world.

Specialties: UNIX-like systems (administration and programming), GNU/Linux, RedHat, Ubuntu, Slackware, Gentoo, C, C++, Java, Python, TCL, Bash, PHP, MySQL, x86 assembly, gdb, CVS, SVN, git, TCP/IP networking, Arduino, AVR (including assembly!), i2c, SPI and all things microcontrollers

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