Tony EE rocketscientist

Markham, Canada


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Infineon Cloud FET Designer tools

Life can be application of Ohm's Law and Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle.

I got 10 yrs experience in my 1st 5 yrs in R&D after education. then switched jobs and got 40 yrs experience in the next 20 yrs. (long hours and hard work) and after working for 6 different companies I decided to retire @ 55 so it was very satisfying, but I never got wealthy after 30 yrs.. until I retired.

  :)   gmail:  tony.sunnysky

Started life as EE grad in 1975 designing VLF doppler nav receiver for unmanned floating Automated Weather Station (world 1st) then Aerospace Doppler tracking receiver with ultra stable VCXO in both ground station and airborne rocketsource, then nuclear instrumentati built to survide 100g drop, 50 g spin and 10g acceleration, with 15g vibration -50C~+70'C. Designed Nuclear robotic scanning sub-system for Eddy Current probes in 2ndary heat exchanger tubes , went on to production and OEM HDD disk drive testing, Test Engineer Mgr, Design T1 tewst equipment for another world 1st SCADA ISDN BroadBand WAN T1 to 100 home trial in 1982, also was Network debug mgr., component testing for magnetic heads, Xtals to design 1 ppm TCXO out of a 50ppm Xtal for under 1$, Designed NTSC & VGA Video head mounted display using Kopin AMLCD chip, Designed power over ethernet distribution box contract design for AVAYA (nee Lucent in Denver), contract mfg Eng Mgr, Design Services Mgr. for EMS companies and created virtual Eng Organization for design.

just a few highlites......

Lots of fun, then got out working for someone else after 30 yrs and retired.;) If you see me with a beard., that was me on holidays in Cuba on CAYO CAYO Island

Location Richmond Hill, ON, Canada


grandkids, Helping others, golf, cooking , gardening, woodwork, & PC security and OS tuning, house renovation, LED luminaire design

 Time Zone : Retired Standard Time
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