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Austin, TX

Stack Exchange management has displayed shocking behavior against mods of their sites, especially Monica Cellio by dismissing her for no reason and then slandering her in the media. See for more details. SE has refused to address this in any manner other than obfuscation and lies to the SE community, leading to Monica having to take legal action against them. Feel free and donate to Monica’s attempt to combat defamation by SE employees here:

I’m a fortysomething dad and tech professional living in the Austin, TX area. I started gaming way back in the day, 1982, with the TSR space opera game Star Frontiers. Since then I've been an avid roleplayer. I went to 5 Gen Cons, was a regional Triad for the RPGA's Living Greyhawk campaign, helped start a gaming club (the FORGE) in Memphis, TN.

I GM and play a variety of RPGs; currently Pathfinder is in heavy rotation as well as various non-D&D-based games.

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