Developer, using primarily OpenSource technologies.

Short list of known/used stuff

  • Operating systems: Linux (Gentoo, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Programming languages: Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, BashScript, PHP, (some) C, (some) C++, (a bit of) Java
  • Frameworks and CMS: Django (Python), jQuery (JavaScript), Drupal (PHP), web2py (Python), SQLAlchemy (Python)
  • Web development languages: HTML, CSS, SCSS, LESS
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, OpenLDAP, Redis
  • Geographical systems: MapServer, MapScript (with Python, PHP), PostGIS
  • Standard Linux/Posix tools: sed, grep, awk, ...
  • Version control systems: git, mercurial, svn, cvs (used some times)
  • Professional IDEs: Emacs, PyCharm, Eclipse
  • Some sysadmin skill: Apache, Nginx, Bind, Postfix, Bacula, iptables, dhcpd, openvpn .. but that's not my primary job
  • Also, I'm doing some electronics experiments with (and without) arduino & co.