Aditya Purwa



I am Aditya Purwa from Indonesia.

I started my programming year when I was 16. My first language was VB. It was a tinkering time when I started to grasp it. The first few years were hard for me. But the memories that I have with my old PC and slow internet connection was beautiful.

Today, I am focusing myself on .NET, Mobile, Web, and Cloud development. I love open source, and do spend my times learning about new technologies. I love C# and Javascript.

I love to play with data, or thinking about how to solve a problem without looking to other people solution. It was hard, and yet it is fun to have my brain brainstorming about how people invent their own wheel. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.

I am a designer too, working with few 2D and 3D modeling tools.

During non programming hours, I like to watch movie, having lucid dream, drawing and painting.

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