William Kappler

Raleigh, NC


As might be obvious from my various accounts across StackExchange, I have a broad range of interests and expertise. In technical matters, I have years of experience programming C++ and PHP. I've operated and programmed numerous websites in the past, but now I stay almost entirely in compiled, high-performance programming. I count myself as something of an expert on memory management in C++, even if that is one of those topics that one can never fully understand; one of my many reasons for being here is to better understand that topic. I'm currently developing an open source game called Onathacar using Ogre3D and C++, and most of my questions are likely to relate to that project.

I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and am looking for a job that would combine both chemistry and programming.

Outside of technical stuff, I also write fiction, which led to a broader interest in topics such as anthropology, languages, and "theoretical"/scifi science.

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