Hong Kong

Enthusiastic on classes

Addicted in Object-Oriented Programming. Tries to create a class for everything, even though it is not necessary at all.


Originally mainly writes code related to Minecraft. Now only writes code that is related to sophisticated calculations. Hates writing user interfaces or anything else that isn't related to scientific thinking. (Programming is not scientific if it doesn't require scientific thinking)

Definition of programming

Does not consider "put these lines of code at the right order to get your character moving" programming. Does not consider user interface design to be programming. Does not consider writing a simple text editor as programming.


Hates using libraries and rewrites everything again, even though it already existed. Love systematization.


Supposed to be a dead netizen. Somehow a spirit occupied this body and continues to answer and ask.

Anything other than programming?

Loves physics and chemistry, but never posts an answer for their StackExchange sites.


To everyone reading my answers: Using code snippets without checking whether they work would be like trying to increase the rate of a reversible exothermic reaction by increasing the temperature. Indeed increasing the temperature can increase the rate of reactions, but while it makes the exothermic reaction faster, it makes the endothermic reverse reaction even faster, thus reducing the yield of the exothermic reaction's product.