Matthieu M.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Software Engineer at IMC since 2016.

Avid follower of the Rust project, and still following Clang/LLVM (which I helped improved a bit with -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor).

Known to dabble in Python for scripting purposes.

Interested in language design, and thus very interested in Rust (zero-cost memory safety, zero-cost data-race safety, concurrency) and interested in Haskell (type system, functional paradigm), which I unfortunately did not had time to explore yet...

Interested in compiler design and low-level technics: Memory Allocation/Garbage Collection, Compiler Optimizations, Link-time Optimizations.

Favorite answers of mine:

  • Behold the PassKey Pattern
  • Pick your Container in C++11

Favorite answers from others:

  • to Can a local variable's memory be accessed outside its scope ? by Eric Lippert
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