Start coding in 1987 on Atari Machine in ASM 68K, then C. I've made my first web side using PHP in 1998 and till today, I use PHP. I work for a non-profit in Brasil, which open volunter fire-stations. For that i've made the whole system: more than 1 million PHP lines, 150 tables (MariaDB), able to manage 25.000 fire stations. Two years ago I started to play with Java and I've made about 10 apps (all for our firefighters) with link to our central system. I started also to create some Arduino project. First one (available) is an electronic door lock using Bluetooth. With the first app, the firefighter can open the door of the station (using Bluetooth). With the second App the chief can get (from the central system), the data of the firefighter and send them to the Arduino. If you want to contact me, just use Facebook. If I can help, I'll answer.