Fredrik Renander


I worked as a photojournalist based in south Asia for 8 years. Moved back home to Sweden a couple of years ago and decided to get into programming more seriously.. I had already been into doing quite a bit of web programming for many years, albeit mainly at a hobbyist level.

I'm currently studying full-time - taking university courses to increase my programming skills. Mainly focusing on Java, with a fair share of web programming in html/css/javascript/php/sql etc as well. I also enjoy playing around with electronics, building and programming stuff with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

I have plenty of ideas for applications that I want to develop. So that's likely where my focus will turn once I have gained some more skills in this craft of programming.

Am always open to ideas. I'd definitively prefer to get involved in projects that are intended to potentially nudge worldly conditions in a beneficial direction..

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