United Arab Emirates


I am having approximately 3 years of experience and in this time I've designed and implemented applications and websites using core Java and advanced java and other technologies like Jquery, Javascript, Node JS, react JS, HTML and CSS, JSON, AJAX, XML and XSL, Perl and CGI scripts, workflows, Angular JS, ember JS, form designing, Content Management (CMS) tools and Document Management (DMS) tools. I've hands on experience on some of the tools as well like HP Teamsite and Livesite, iManage Worksite and Autonomy Process Automation.

FOR DMS: (iManage)

Knowledge on how to successfully design, install, configure and manage the WorkSite Server, WorkSite IDOL Indexer, WorkSite Communications Server for Exchange, WorkSite Windows Clients, and WorkSite Web products. Worked for installation requirements, WorkSite DMS and Indexer Server configuration and services, WorkSite Server Tools, advanced SQL maintenance, and client installation and troubleshooting

FOR CMS: (HP Teamsite & Livesite)

Knowledge of full Installation and Configuration, DCT/DCR's, XML and XSLT design, Presentation Layer (*.tpl, .xslt design,.layout, *.component), Interwoven perl and CGI, IIS integration for running Perl/CGI scripts, Site Publisher, Deployments and Open Deploy, Workflows designing and configuration as well with workflow modeller, LSCS, LSDS, Customizable Report Generation with latest trends and technologies like HTML5&CSS3 and JQuery, Search engine, Component/Layout/template development, Content Center, Taxonomy, User and Group management, Targetting and Segmentation (small part), Troubleshooting.


Product&Platform Arch., CQ5 Installation, Deployment Options, Consoles&Admin Interfaces, CRXDE Lite embedded dev environment, Creating&using templates, page-rendering components, Creating pages, Installing&using CRXDE, Rendering page-specific content, Apache Sling, Inheritance and component hierarchy, Template&Content re-use concepts, CQ5 Designer, Using APIs for dynamic navigation, ExtJs, Dialogs, taking input from authors and Design dialogs, JSP Tag Libraries, Designs&Designer, Personalization, Internationalization(i18n), Reporting, Report Customization, Create Custom Reports,CQ Workflow Terminology, Custom workflow process step, CQ Workflow Console, Types of Workflow Steps, Workflow Authorization, Using predefined Workflow, Custom Workflow, Logger, Debugger, Creating Own Widget XTYPE, Creating Simple Widget, Dispatcher Caching, Typical Dispatcher Setup, Dispatcher with Caching, Clustering, Cluster Architecture/Configuration, OSGi bundles, CQ Packages, Performance optimization concepts, Customizable Components, Supporting Drag-and-Drop from Content Finder, Complex Components, Persistence Managers, Search Concepts, Creating a custom Widget, Tagging API, Integration with external database e.g. My SQL, CQ5 Application Structure, Xtypes, BundlePublishing a Page in CQ, Create text-image component&customizable components.

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