James Wiseman

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


I am a Microsoft certified C# developer working in the UK financial services industry.

I started my career building software for a chemical weapons detection system for the British army before moving to Scotland to work in legal software.

I now develop C# web-based applications in the pensions and life-assurance industry.

I've written code since i was 9 years old, initially on my BBC Micro. I've used C#, jQuery, JavaScript. C++, SQL, VB and am proficient web development.

I have presented courses in jQuery and have spoken at a local Techmeetup group on JavaScript static analysis.

I run a web page and blog dedicated to discussions of my software development experiences. More recently, a thread of consumer-affairs related articles that I have written has featured in the Independent and Mirror newspapers.

My personal blog is at http://www.jameswiseman.com/blog/

Twitter: @jameswiseman76


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