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Love classical "what am I?" riddles? Visit http://www.riddlersden.com to enjoy all the fun of stylised riddle solving! One riddle published each Friday along with the solution to the last. Currently undergoing maintenance, but still available at http://web.archive.org/web/20160110122437/http://riddlersden.com . You can check your solution on the site, as well as email us with your own riddles or to request personalised riddles from us.

I am one of the moderators of Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange, where I try to maintain a constant presence in case of need, while not being overly obtrusive or trigger-happy.

  • If you're a fan or even just an occasional consumer of fantasy or science fiction, why not come over to browse our site?
  • If you have a good question about any work of fantasy or science fiction - particularly wheel-of-time, doctor-who, lord-of-the-rings/the-hobbit/tolkien/middle-earth, the-hunger-games, or harry-potter - I'll probably look at it and upvote it, and maybe have a shot at answering it.
  • If you have concerns about any of my mod actions, or anything you'd like to ask about the site, just pop into the site chatroom and type @Randal'Thor to get my attention.

I study mathematics; I read fantasy novels; I write and solve riddles.

I've never seen Star Wars, and here's my favourite summary of it.

My inner pedant is 16% under control, and sometimes not under control at all.

I could do so much more - SO MUCH MORE!

I am Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, Lord of the Morning, Car'a'carn, He Who Comes With The Dawn, the Coramoor, King of Illian:


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