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Bryan Oakley

Choctaw, OK

I started as a FORTRAN programmer, paid my dues writing C and X11/Motif, switched to Perl, discovered Tk, and from that, Tcl, and spent the next decade plus writing cross-platform GUIs in Tcl/Tk.

I then spent three years using python and a smattering of ruby to create a cross-platform automated testing framework. After that I had two more gigs in windows shows, building automated testing frameworks and leading automation teams. I am now back to being a python developer at a small company in the independent publishing business.

I was profiled as python developer of the week at

The open source projects I currently am active on are:

  • The Robot Framework Hub - A web app and RESTful API for accessing robot framework test assets
  • Robot Framework Lint - a static analysis tool for robot framework test files.
  • Robot framework extension for the brackets open source editor.

I also maintain a sporadically-updated blog at, focused mainly on my work with the robot framework.

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