Atlanta, GA

Professional programmer in C#/.NET, Java, JSP, SQL, (X)HTML(5), JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. Heavy user of Hibernate, MySQL, SQL Server, Trac, Subversion, Linux, MacOS X, Windows, and Apache HTTPD and Tomcat. Tinkerer in Python, Perl, Ruby, VBA, XML, C, Android, Postgres, Mongo, and Git.

Amateur guitarist since 2008 and autocrosser since the beginning of 2013. Entirely-non-hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy a good round of Hearthstone.

I have a side business, Rogue Technologies, that I use to publish personal projects like my Rogue Informant log monitoring app. Lately I'm working on an open-source semantic web template engine and a web-based project estimation tool. I'm also on LinkedIn.


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